Sensor de Movimiento PIR Infrarrojo / Antimascotas Optex (MX-40PI)

Marca: Optex
Modelo: MX-40PI
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The MX-40PI combines state of the art microwave and PIR technologies in attractive, easy-to-install units and underlines Optex's absolute commitment to provide detectors with unprecedented reliability and detection performance at very reasonable prices. Incorporating Anti-Crosstalk technology, which prevents false alarms caused by microwave interference when several detectors are operating in the same area, and also Quad Zone Logic, which discriminates between humans and other sources of infrared, the MX-40PI is unrivalled in its performance.



  • Patented quad zone logic
  • Spherical lens design
  • Anti-crosstalk technology
  • Noise reduction circuit


Línea Power / Maxsys / Neo / Impassa
Tipo Sensor de Movimiento