Modulo WiFi para Barreras Came (8K06SA-001)

Marca: CAME
Modelo: 8K06SA-001
Disponibilidad: 2
Cantidad: - +
Etiquetas: linea
Descripción Fecha Tamaño
Ficha Técnica Receptor* 22/08/2019 719.57KB
Ficha Técnica Transmisor* 22/08/2019 924.13KB
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Having a Cloud connection modernizes the way you experience automated devices and ensures comfort and security.

With our user-friendly app you can now control all of your automated devices, from any mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Add one of our gateways to link up your system to the internet and make your automation system ever smarter. CAME Connect technology brings you remote and secure systems control. CAME Cloud guarantees it.

Also, your trusted installer, with your clearance, can geolocate your systems, efficiently and quickly diagnose them, from any remote location, change settings and intervene directly, if need be.





Gateway Ethernet

The RETH gateway easily connects, via LAN, to your home router. Over radio waves, it can manage up to five of the slave modules fitted in CAME automated devices.