Kit de Barrera GARD4 (Brazo Iluminado y Articulación Opcional) CAME

 Kit de Barrera GARD4 (Brazo Iluminado y Articulación Opcional) CAME
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Código: 001USU0011/SI
Marca: CAME

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Código: 009RGBIP65+TRANS
Marca: CAME

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Código: 001G03755SX
Marca: CAME
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Código: 001G03755DX
Marca: CAME
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​ Gray Barrier GARD4 110V WITHOUT LIGHTING CAME (001USU0011/SI)

  • A stylishly modern barrier with aesthetics that blend into any setting.
  • The protective case protects the boom movement against possible shearing while opening and closing.
  • It can work in either paired or alternate mode, with the RSE card (for G4040E - G4040IE - 4040EZT barriers).
  • The LED dome flashing light is durable and provides safety, while the photocells can be integrated into the cabinet.
  • The 24 V DC power supply is the best choice for heavy duty service conditions.
  • The G4040EZ and G4040EZT models are set up for connecting to the cloud via CAME Connect as well as for using CAME KEY.

Barrier KIT GARD 4 ( Cabinet Motor / 120Volts ) Illuminated Arm ( 4m ) , Protector Rubber Arm , decals and Illuminated Domo

Relación de Resorte y Brazo

Resorte Amarillo Brazo de 1.50 Mts a 2.00 Mts
Resorte Verde Brazo de 2.25 Mts a 3.25 Mts
Resorte Rojo Brazo de 3.50 Mts a 3.75 Mts

*Las especificaciones técnicas, características, diseños y colores pueden cambiar sin previo aviso.

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